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No preservatives, nutritious ingredients with various unique recipes

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We use modern machine, ensuring high safety standards and cleanliness

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We produce traditional flatbread and bespoke modern breads

Our Healthy bread

Early Bird Bakery is the leader in flatbread production with a wide range other bread products including bespoke artisanal buns. With great feedback and satisfaction from consumers, we are continuously redefining bread production for various bespoke customers. Subsequently, the brand has expanded into a new range of dairy products for the consumer market.

We at Early Bird Bakery are determined to expand our business portfolio into new markets including serving the government ministries and multi-national corporations.

Our team also experiments with new recipes using only natural ingredients based on the recommendations from our loyal customers. We value these feedback which has taken us to higher levels of market acceptance. These insightful comments have helped the business perform better overall and increase production rate.

Our Early Bird

Mr. Alan Safwan, a visionary born in Lebanon immigrated to Australia in the 60s with ambitious dreams in mind. Having dabbled in various businesses, he then relocated to Malaysia and started Early Bird Bakery in 1997.

Early Bird Bakery was founded as a manufacturer of nutritious flatbread and using his redefined recipe, Mr. Alan Safwan was able to capture the Malaysian market. 

The Early Bird Bakery products catalogue have quickly expanded to other types of bread including mini flatbreads, tortilla wraps, burger buns and saj breads. With diversification and progressive minds behind the business, the company has expanded into dairy products, serving the service and retail markets respectively. 

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Our Bread And Dairy

Early Bird Bakery has dedicated its product line manufacturing to preservative-free bread and nutritious dairy products.

Being health conscious manufacturer, all products are made with stringent quality control and health benefits.

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